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⦁ Soft Skills

We can craft eLearning that gives learners a better grasp of soft skills and explain their importance for performance.

Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, mindsets, career attributes, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence. Soft skills are critical in most organizations. Most of these skills are essential for presentations, sales, customer service, and interactions.

⦁ Onboarding and Inductions

eLearning ensures that staff receive appropriate orientation and onboarding training at the right time and tracks their training completion and outcomes.

⦁ Systems and Software Training

We create software simulations and interactive learning which include practice exercises, real-life scenarios, and assessments to give your learners a solid grasp of software systems. This can be for online or desktop applications.

Product Knowledge Training

We create eLearning for product knowledge to help your users/learners understand the features, benefits, and selling points of a product.
Having an understanding of the features and benefits of a product can give your teams the confidence to deliver great customer service and informed sales pitches.


⦁ Legal/Regulatory Compliance Training

We develop regulatory and compliance training to help you comply with statutory and regulatory frameworks
Most organizations are required by law to comply with statutory and regulatory frameworks. This makes it imperative for organizations to ensure that all their staff completes all relevant training.

Ensuring compliance and completion of such training can be time-consuming and difficult to enforce and track.

Delivering compliance training in the form of eLearning makes it easy and quick to update, and accessible 24/7, anywhere.

Examples are ‘Information Security and Awareness’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Occupational Health and Safety, and ‘Data Protection.

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