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What we do

We conceptualise, design and develop innovative, Digital Learning and eLearning to suit your organisational needs.

We create new content or can adapt the pre-made content you supply us. Where appropriate, we create and incorporate interactive elements to keep learners engaged. These include:

Scenario-based learning to give users the chance to practise some of the training topics in simulated or realistic situation

Above all, we create content that suits the needs of different types of learners.
We can create ‘just in time’ eLearning to meet most eLearning needs and can meet your eLearning needs when you want, hence our name ‘eLearningfornow”

Our knowledge and skills in eLearning were not acquired overnight. With over ten years of eLearning experience and multi-media design, we continue to learn and fine-tune the critical factors that make elearning successful.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on eLearning pedagogy, modern instructional design and visual design principles.
In our eLearning development, we draw from theory, research, and experience in learning design, post production, and journalism to choose and create learning objects, tools, and activities and assessments.
For eLearning design we models such as Gagne’s Nine Levels of Instruction and the ADDIE model. For training evaluation, we use Kirkpatrick’s Five levels of Evaluation.

We subscribe to, and take into consideration a range of aspects of learning, including key principles outlined in the ‘Serious eLearning Manifesto’.
Our approach is:
⦁ Performance Focussed
We tie Learning to individual Performance Goals and the goals of organizations
⦁ Meaningful to Learners
Content is relevant and can be Individualised on a need to basis
⦁ Engagement-driven
We use Interactivity to Prompt Deep Engagement
We apply elearning’s unique interactive capabilities to support reflection, application, rehearsal, elaboration, contextualization, debate, evaluation, and synthesisation.
⦁ Real-world Focussed
We provide learners with meaningful feedback with a sense of the real-world consequences. Where appropriate, we will model mistake-making and mistake-fixing, letting learners make mistakes so they can learn from them.

To achieve this, we:

⦁ Provide Guidance and Feedback
This helps to correct learners’ misconceptions, reinforce their comprehension, and build skills.
⦁ Measure Effectiveness
We measure outcomes, e-Learning comprehension, and decision-making during learning
⦁ Iterate in Design, Development, and Deployment
We won’t assume that our first pass is right, but we will evaluate and refine until we have achieved our design goals.

We have many reviews from our satisfied clients.

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