Why E-learning

Why eLearning

It used to be that eLearning was viewed as just an optional add-on to Face-to-Face training, and not considered a serious or effective way to deliver training. The 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns which made Face to Face training delivery near impossible in most countries, Australia included, is changing this perception. Consequently, many organisations are now adopting or ramping up their eLearning offerings out of necessity.

Digital Learning and eLearning have become pivotal and necessary solutions given that they allow users and learners to access training and learning anytime they can’t physically attend Face to face training in their place of employment or educational facility. Although the lockdowns have started easing, with a possible return to Face to Face training, even the most die-hard anti-eLearning critic now probably sees the crucial role eLearning plays, and the need for organizations to be prepared for any eventuality by converting their critical training to eLearning formats.

Besides the ease of access to training, from any part of the country or world 24/7, eLearning has other numerous benefits. These include:

Ease of access. Less disruptive

Cost reduction
With eLearning, there are very few ongoing costs and there is no need to hire Face to face trainers or classroom facilities or pay travel costs

Ease of updating training content
If you make frequent changes to your services or products, you can easily update your training as well and roll it out to your entire organization quickly.

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