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⦁ New eLearning course from scratch

Using your organization’s assets such as videos, audio recordings, interviews, and documents such as instruction manuals, handbooks, etc, we work with members of your organization to determine your needs and desired outcomes.

Rapid eLearning Development

Rapid eLearning Development refers to the accelerated production of eLearning.
We get it; there are times when emergency business developments require the rollout of training to all staff at rapid speeds. Examples of such situations could be product rollout, product recalls, or new government legislation.
To expedite the course development process, we follow a tried and tested rapid eLearning content development process/roadmap, and depending on urgency, can comply with your timelines and deliver your content in a matter of weeks perhaps days (depending on complexity).

Off-the-shelf eLearning

We create off-the-shelf content which is not tied to any organization. Examples are: Copyright law, Privacy Laws Information, and Security Awareness
We create off-the-shelf content. Examples of off-the-shelf we have created are:
⦁ Copyright law
⦁ Information and Security Awareness
⦁ Understanding Media
⦁ Conspiracy Theories
We can do minor customizations to off-the-shelf modules to incorporate your organization’s branding elements such as Logos and organizational style and colors.

⦁ Bespoke/ Tailored Solutions/eLearning Development

We can craft eLearning tailored to suit your organization’s needs.

We get it…sometimes a ready-to-wear suit from a shop may work well. But there are times when you require something unique.
We can craft eLearning tailored to suit your organization’s needs.
This can be interactive eLearning in the form of realistic branched scenarios, system simulations, and microlearning content based on lessons learned, product or instructional manual, etc.
To enrichen the learning experience, we can incorporate elements such as text, video, audio, social learning, real-world examples, interactive, or games.
For Custom eLearning Solutions, we can incorporate the following elements:
⦁ Scenarios
⦁ Infographics
⦁ Scenario-based Learning
⦁ Case Studies, Illustrations
⦁ Character Animations, and
⦁ Custom Interactions

⦁ Instructor-Led Training /Face to Face training to eLearning

We can convert your Face to Face training to dynamic self-paced eLearning/Mobile formats
We work with your trainers/SMEs/content experts to understand your desired outcomes.

⦁ Content conversion and Legacy Content Updating

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

We can convert your old Flash-based legacy content into interactive HTML5, mobile-responsive eLearning courses.
Flash and associated software such as Flash player is now obsolete and should no longer be used. In fact, Flash-based courses no longer work on most platforms such as desktop, PC, or mobile devices
The backstory of Flash is that following years of debate and complaints about its security risks and vulnerabilities to computer hackers, Adobe finally took heed and discontinued Flash software on Dec 31, 2020.


We can bring your existing training content to life by updating it to the latest formats such as HTML, incorporating engaging elements such as graphics and videos and ensuring compatibility across different Operating Systems (OS) and platforms such as mobile, browsers, and software.

File conversion services

We can convert your existing training such as PowerPoint, PDFs to interactive content
We can convert your existing training such as PowerPoint, PDFs, and Word documents to interactive content e.g., HTML.
As part of the conversion, we can add videos, assessments, quizzes, and knowledge checks, and upload them to your LMS where you can track your learner performance.

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